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Twitter’s new rivalry, Mastodon, gains popularity

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Twitter’s new rivalry, Mastodon, gains popularity


Mastodon has gained popularity after Musk took control of Twitter, as its traffic increased from 1.4 million to 9.5 million in a month. 

The 588 percent increase saw users from Twitter join amid 680,000 Google searches for ‘delete Twitter’. In a now deleted tweet, Elon Musk tried to hit out at Mastodon – which may have done the opposite to what he wanted, driving more traffic to the platform. 

The platform is very similar to Twitter, which promises an experience driven by users, not for profit, and has no algorithms or ads. Similarweb data revealed that 9.5 million users visited the platform in November 2022. As the analysis by Financial World indicates that Mastodon.social exploded with an unprecedented increase. Most visits were from the United States with 2.4 million users. Other main countries were from Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. 

Many have been looking for a ‘Twitter alternative’ as Google Trends data indicates an increase of 504 percent in November at an all time high. As Elon Musk took over Twitter, implementing bans on parody accounts and bringing in different measures, users opted to sign up for Mastodon instead.

A spokesperson from Financial World expressed their feelings with Mastodon gaining popularity, “There are rumours of Twitter’s demise circling the internet. Social networks come and go, but Twitter still pulls huge traffic numbers. Elon Musk has a loyal following who like his brand of humour and the way he does things.”

They continue to criticise both apps explaining, “But with any personality, it doesn’t work for everyone. The Twitter debate is so contentious as it surrounds huge topics like free speech, which tends to polarise people on either side. Twitter’s huge numbers mean it’s unlikely that Mastodon will become a serious competitor until it cements itself into the mainstream social networking space. Users intend to look for new social media platforms to set up homes in, and Mastodon is one to watch for the future”.

With ‘Delete Twitter’ trending in Google searches, Mastodon may be the next rising social media app. 


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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