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Canva joins the bandwagon with AI copywriting assistant

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Canva joins the bandwagon with AI copywriting assistant


The internet has spoken, as the popularity of AI copywriting rises, Canva has released Canva Docs and Magic Write. 

The functionality of Canva Docs takes Google Docs to a whole new level. It includes bringing visuals and text together in an engaging way – aesthetically pleasing as well. The new feature will allow us to share ideas in a more interesting way, taking boring and basic to creative and engaging. 

As the AI industry continues to dominate, the copywriting industry has taken a fall. As AI copywriting bots can write anything that you think. Canva has launched Magic Write, which does exactly that.

Canva’s co-founder and chief product officer, Cameron Adams, says After many, many years of hard work, and many requests from our community, we’re excited to begin the rollout of Canva Docs in open beta, providing the ultimate way to bring visuals and text together in an inspiring and engaging way.”

Adams continues to boast about Magic Write expressing, “Also – for the first time – we’re unveiling Magic Write in Canva Docs, an AI-powered copywriting assistant designed to get you to your first draft, fast. Our magic tools and features are accelerating the shift towards visual communication while unlocking creative capabilities never seen before. There’s plenty more magic to come and we’re looking forward to launching more in this space over the coming months.”

How does Magic Write work?

If you aren’t a confident writer, starting with a blank page can be daunting. Canva’s Magic Write allows you to write what’s on your mind and transforms that into writing. The motion of the AI technology generates from sparking an idea into a final edit within seconds. There’s even a feature that allows Magic Write to regenerate a new version of the existing text. This is done by highlighting the text and adding a new instruction. 

Canva outlines that business owners will be able to take advantage of this feature in a way to “supercharge their content.” It claims that the feature is excellent for drafting social media posts, press releases, business plans, customer support responses, product descriptions and proposals – no longer a human needed to write the content. However, it claims that creatively minded and tech savvy professional content creators could save their time in creating fresh ideas by letting Magic Write help them. 

But is this a way of diminishing the creative writing industry with AI technology taking over?


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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