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Canva releases study that 44 percent of marketers are looking for new jobs


Canva releases study that 44 percent of marketers are looking for new jobs


Australian design sweetheart Canva has done a study into marketers’ satisfaction in their jobs. The study of over 1,200 participants have looked at the reasons for dissatisfaction across the board.

The study surveyed participants in the US, UK and Australia, and has revealed poor project management as a key reason for people to leave positions. Marketers are feeling overloaded and burned out due to poor communication from the top.

Some of the other findings include:

Inefficient marketing processes

Respondents found that inefficient processes lead to poor work-life balance. Six in 10 think remote work makes it more difficult to innovate and collaborate. Sixty-four percent say it’s harder to collectively make decisions due to inefficient processes.

Poor employee engagement

Forty-four percent of marketers have said that they would consider leaving their jobs due to poor employee engagement. Marketing leaders should be looking at how to change that in order to retain staff in a difficult climate.

Marketing teams are expanding teams geographically

Eighty-two percent of marketing teams are on the expansion! New cities and countries have been brought on board due to remote work. Although this brings new challenges of working between locations and time zones, it can ensure keeping and retaining top employees.

Communication and trust an important factor

The survey showed that communication and trust continue to dominate what employees want from work. Marketers are looking for strong communication practices as the most important factors for successful teams. However, many are still yet to work out the best approach.

The job market has been foreshadowed to see a lot of people reprioritising what they’re looking for. Colloquially named The Great Resignation, the job market has shifted to become a job seekers market. As more people resign from their positions, is it time for the employer, not the employee, to have an internal audit of processes and work ethic?

Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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