Fish Fingers. They’re not a glamorous proposition; for many adults they’re often associated with lonely nights and generally giving up on life. Kanye West flat out refuses to eat fish sticks.

But Birds Eye Fish Fingers don’t really care about negative elderly perceptions, they’re going after kids who are keen to snack on something crunchy, and we know how much power kids have.

With no significant media spend in the last five years, Birds Eye is claiming a 20 percent increase in sales of Fish Fingers after recently launching a cinema advertising campaign. The commercials impressively replicate the popular Pixar computer animation style and were screened in 3D before major kids films over the holiday break.
“Birds Eye is the first FMCG company to have utilised this spectacular technology in Australia and the sales results support the creative execution,” BWM executive creative director Rob Belgiovane says.
Birds Eye says it has also changed up the product “formulation”, and will screen the cinema ad in 2D on television from this weekend.