MTV has unveiled a new-look logo to its US viewers which has its classic ‘music television’ slogan removed.

Forgoing the network’s well-known music heritage, the new three-dimensional design aims to identify more closely with MTV’s reality-TV content, such as Jersey Shore, The Buried Life and Teen Mom.

Stephen Friedman, MTV’s general manager, indicated to that the logo redesign has been in discussion for the last 10 years among the network’s design staff.

“Music is still at the centre of so much of what we do, but we’ve really expanded what that means. We needed the logo to be flexible enough to have the artists within it but also the stars of our shows. It’s an updating that speaks to this audience in a much simpler, bolder way,” explains Friedman.

Director of communications for MTV Networks Australia, Polly Stevens, told that the logo change is only occurring in the US market at the moment, but will likely be adopted by the MTV international markets by 2011.