The Experience Issue – Marketing Magazine launches its February/March 2018 edition

Marketing is pleased to announce The Experience Issue, our February/March 2018 print edition.

It is reaching subscribers and hitting newsstands now, and is available for purchase here »

Exploring experience from a number of points of view, we:

MK0218 200 cover experience… understand the current state of experience marketing, looking at some case studies of brands doing it best.

… compare the value of experience versus qualifications in marketing professionals.

… hear from a Harvard neuroscientist about how memory works and marketing communications stick.

… see how AI can enhance your next event.

… understand the current state of disappointing CX.

… explore how voice technology is revolutionising the way consumers interact with technology and brands.

… understand employer brand, and how your employees’ experience influences brand strength.

… hear from our team of expert columnists.


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