Verbal identity on show for first time at London International Awards

The London International Awards is claiming an award-show first by announcing the shortlist for its new Verbal Identity category.

Magazine print issue theme badge MK1610 Identity2016 marks the first time the awards has appointed a standalone jury for Verbal Identity (pictured), led by Chris West, founder of Verbal Identity Ltd.

The Awards says the introduction of Verbal Identity was a reaction to the ‘What About Naming?’ campaign launched by New York-based brand agency CBX in 2015. As major awards programs continually ignored the role of naming in the brand-building process, CBX believed that more should be done to honour the most creative and successful naming and verbal identity projects.

With West, jury members included Rachel Bernard of CBX New York, Sean Doyle of Panic London, Steve Martin of Eat Creative Tokyo, Laurel Sutton, senior strategist and linguist at Catchword Oakland and Ben Zimmer, language columnist at the Wall Street Journal.

Here are the shortlisted works:



Campaign tagline/endline: Innocean Worldwide Australia Sydney – Hills Home Living, ‘There’s a Hills for every home,’

Naming: McCann Melbourne – Seeing Eye Dogs, ‘Free Puppies Forever,’ and

Tone of Voice: McCann Melbourne – Seeing Eye Dogs, ‘Free Puppies Forever.’




Use of copywriting: AMVBBDO London – Guinness, ‘Made of More,’

gareth thomas

Use of copywriting: AMVBBDO London – Currys PC World, ‘Spare the Act,’

Use of copywriting: Verbal Identity London – Fred Perry,

fred perry

campaign tagline/endline: Mother London –, ‘You’re So Moneysupermarket,’

Tone of Voice: Mother London – PG Tips, ‘Keep it Tea,’

Tone of Voice: Panic London – Eve,

Naming: Verbal Identity London – Votary.



Naming: Catchworld Oakland, Mochidoki,

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.30.08 AM


Naming: CBX New York – Yesway, ‘Say yes to convenience,


Tone of Voice: CBX New York – She Should Run,

she should run

Tone of Voice: CBX New York – Avalon Organics, ‘Deep-rooted beauty care,

Campaign Tagline/Endline: Connelly Partners Boston, Stowe Mountain REsorets, ‘It’s bigger than a mountain,’


China and Hong Kong

Naming: Labbrand Shanghai – Thomas Cook, ‘Experience your dream holiday with Thomas Cook,

thomas cook


Tone of Voice: Ogilvy and Mather Group Hong Kong – Mandalay, ‘Reservoir Rumpus’, ‘Extra-Terrestrial’, ‘Vat Rescue’,

Use of Copywriting: Ogilvy and Mather Group Hong Kong – Mandalay, ‘Reservoir Rumpus.



Naming: R K Swamt BBDO New Delhi – Lloyd Unisex Washing Machine, ‘Unisex Washing Machine.’




Campaign Tagline/Endline: Fred and Farid Paris – Prodiss, ‘Ma Place est dans la sale,’

Campaign Tagline/Endline: Babel Strategie et Communication Paris – Paris Aeroport, ‘Paris vous aime’,

Tone of Voice: Babel Strategie et Communication Paris – Le Petit Robert, ‘No Tagline,’

Use of Copywriting: Babel Strategie et Communication Paris – Le Petit Robert, ‘No Tagline’.

le petit robert



Campaign Tagline/Endline: Heimat Berlin – Hornbach, ‘#Heldenkranz / Crown of Glory,’


Campaign Tagline/Endline: Philipp und Keuntje Hamburg – Fatum Surfboards, ‘My Everest Campaign’,

FATUM my everest


Naming: Korefe Hamburg – L’eaundry – Fragrance Laundry Detergent, ‘A luxury washing detergent to treat the clothes you love.’




Tone of Voice: Air artner of McCann Brussels – VOO, ‘This was Louise’s phone.’



Use of Copywriting: Prolam Young and Rubicam Santiago – Politbooks, ‘Children Books Inspired by Political Scandals.’

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.24.55 PM



Ben Ice
BY Ben Ice ON 18 October 2016
Ben Ice was MarketingMag editor from August 2017 - February 2020