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16 million Australians are listening


16 million Australians are listening


Commercial Radio’s multi-million dollar radio brand campaign aims to highlight that commercial radio can reach over 16 million Australians in an average week.

The campaign, ‘Australia’s Listening’, includes radio ads which feature everyday Australians being interviewed by ‘That Radio Bloke’, Mark Mitchell about why and how they listen to radio.

CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said, “Radio can now be accessed on analogue radio, digital radio, via the web, on mobile phones and via podcasts – more than ever before. Busy, mobile Australians are particularly strong radio listeners because of its accessibility while they are on the go – at work, driving, relaxing at home or using the internet.”

Creative director of Eardrum, the company responsible for writing the adverts, Ralph van Dijk commented, “Marketing budgets are under increased scrutiny so its important that the campaign reiterates radios unique strengths. The campaign line Australias Listening also reminds advertisers that radios audience is actively engaged in the content,”

The adverts follow a recent campaign which featured marketers talking about why they use radio and its benefits. Previous ads in the radio brand campaign, first launched in June 2003, have aimed at highlighting the effectiveness of combining radio advertising with television and online, as well as targeting niche markets.

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