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AANAs discussion on ethics


AANAs discussion on ethics


Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has released a discussion paper around its Code of Ethics review, which aims to promote dialogue with stakeholders and encourage input to the review.

According to Scott McClellan, CEO of the AANA, the discussion paper aims to stimulate debate around the objectives and structure of the Code of Ethics, as well as about topics such as privacy, body image, portrayal of people, taste and decency and the substantiation of claims in advertising.

Dr Terence Beed, honorary associate professor in the Faculty of Economics and business at the University of Sydney will lead the review. He said, “Sustained open dialogue with interested non-industry participants is a key requirement for a good self-regulatory system because the model should evolve to meet community expectations and to take into account the new methods employed by marketers to get their messages across.”

The closing date for submission is Friday 10 September, while the final report and a revised Code of Ethics will be available to the ANNA by the end of the year.

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