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ACMA warns SMS kill threat a hoax


ACMA warns SMS kill threat a hoax


The Australian Communications and Media Authority has received complaints about unsolicited SMS death threats being sent to Australian mobile users.

The ACMA has confirmed that the SMS messages are originating from an overseas location and is urging people to ignore the messages and under no circumstances reply to the scammers, disclose any personal information, or pay money.

One of the text messages reads:

“I am about to kill you. If you want to live, contact [[email protected]] to get information on what you will have to do to live. If you ignore this message, you will die!”

The ACMA has asked the public to report any instances of the spam at its website or by contacting the association directly.

Chris Chapman, chairman of the ACMA, said that members of the public may be distressed to receive the message but they should not be alarmed.

“These threats are a particularly nasty type of scam. The messages should simply be ignored – they are intended to frighten recipients into providing money, credit card details and personal information to the scammer,” explained Chapman.

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