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Ad combats hunger in Israel


Ad combats hunger in Israel


This is just a very short post with a video (see lower down on the page).

Advertising often cops a beating for encouraging people to consume rather than to consider some of the larger questions in our world, but this video, part of an integrated campaign by the Israeli Food Bank, shows just how powerful a simple idea can be when it is creatively executed across its touchpoints. (Thanks to Osocio for bringing this to my attention).

The print works well (imho) but its the ambient that really sends home the message that there is starvation on the streets of Israel. The message here is delivered in such a clever way – it really equates the mundane act of washing the dishes with the harsh reality of those who live on the streets. Its the bringing together of the mundane and the striking that really gives the campaign a strong meaning.

Anyway, nice to see adland supporting a worthy cause, and all this in the same week as Adrants pointed us in the direction of another YouTube video calling for the setting up of a Cannes Humanitarian Lion. Whats happening? Advertisers have all of a sudden decided to work for the powers of good? The commenters at Adrants dont seem to think so.

What do you think? Should advertisers be trying to save the world or is this just another stunt to drive awards?

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