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Robot meets Alien landing new business


Robot meets Alien landing new business


Robot Meets Alien seem to have taken a leaf out of Seth Godins naming book, opting for a brand identity that definitely stands out amongst a sea of initials.

And it looks like theyre doing something right, as theyve secured some new business since launching last August:

Samsung for camcorders and mp3 players and SCX Global for Prepaid Visa brands Canvas and VCARD in Australia and Asia wide. These new wins add to Robot Meets Aliens existing clients, which include Xbox360 and FHM Magazine for word of mouth marketing.

The Robot Meets Alien website has been produced by Babekühl, and in keeping with the companys unconventional name, their website is modeled on the principal of a working desk. Watch the video below to get an idea of the innovative navigation system and then head on over to the site and explore.

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