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Ad land ain’t got soul!


Ad land ain’t got soul!


So you’ve got a brilliant idea for a campaign – the creative, the production, everything is great… except for the music. And really, who has the time to trawl the net for hours looking for a suitable song that the client will probably tell you is rubbish?

The Australasian Music Publishers Association (AMPAL) has an online Songfind to help you, and to celebrate its website AMPAL has developed a Songfind quiz to find who in the industry has the best music knowledge.

Filling out the quiz could mean winning an AMPAL Songfind Quiz Trophy, a Maton guitar Sony PSP consol and games, and a selection of books, CDs and DVDs.

Not surprisingly, people working in the music business are leading the competition to be recognised as AMPAL’s music guru, but television producers and radio executives are equally represented.

Meanwhile, advertising executives apparently don’t rate in the top 10 positions trailing publishers and marketing professionals, according to the quiz results so far.

The quiz has shown even people in sound production don’t seem to know who wrote what. Go figure…

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