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Another celebrity in a Super Bowl ad – Will Ferrell

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Another celebrity in a Super Bowl ad – Will Ferrell


Without surprise, Will Ferrell features on a Super Bowl ad once again, this time, parodying a range of Netflix’s most popular shows and movies. 

This year’s Super Bowl’s influx of celebrities has suggested one thing, brands are investing in celebrities rather than creativity.

‘Bridgerton’, ‘Squid Game’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Love is Blind’, ‘Army of the Dead’ and ‘Queer Eye’ are all featured in the commercial playing a homage to the most iconic moments of the shows and movies. 

The advertisement with General Motors and Netflix titled,”Why Not an EV?”, put across the point that the streaming service is supporting a move towards electric vehicles by utilising sustainable vehicles more in its television shows and movies. For the first time, more focus was held on electric vehicle ads on Monday, as companies ramped up the importance on minimising emissions. 

In the commercial, the iconic Stranger Things character, Erica, yelled out to Ferrell “You’re ruining the show, you idiot,” pointing out that Stranger Things takes place in the wrong time period for electric vehicles. Ferrell responds, “I said not here, Erica.”

But later, the comedian quickly finds out the clash of universes, as an electric vehicle in Bridgerton would make no sense.

Another reference to the Korean show, ‘Squid Game’ was made in a hilarious stunt posing the question of “why not get kidnapped in an EV?” 

The rise of electric vehicle commercials

Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial also added its own touch on the environmental benefits of an electric vehicle featuring a lot of cute animals. Titled as the “Electric Boogie”, the Jeep 4xe is highlighted as an electric vehicle. But, viewers were quick to note that the vehicle is rather a plug-in hybrid, misleading viewers by creating confusion.

Crowned by viewers, the Dodge Ram ad took the prize for the best 2023 electric vehicle ad. Titled, ‘Premature Electrification’ making a joke at drug company ads for male erectile dysfunction. 

The commercial addressed the problem of “range anxiety” and if you’re an EV owner, you would understand the struggle. The lack of charging infrastructure is a key concern for those thinking about converting to an EV. But Ram does not present a solution, rather acknowledges it.


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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