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ANZ launches global (re)brand


ANZ launches global (re)brand


ANZ has announced the launch of a new brand identity to align with it’s ‘super regional’ strategy and international presence.

ANZ says the new identity and positioning follows 18 months of internal and external research across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific. The bank hopes to position itself as as people-focused and uncomplicated.

“ANZ is increasingly a regional bank operating in 32 countries and speaking 19 different languages. A strong, unified brand across all our geographies is an important part of our future growth,” said Mike Smith, ANZ CEO.

Part of the reasoning behind the renewed logo is to allow customers from countries where Roman characters aren’t used to connect with the brand.

“Both retail and business customers throughout the region overwhelmingly said the new
positioning ‘we live in your world’ expressed what they wanted from us,” continued Smith.

The rollout of the rebrand across real estate, technology and marketing will cost approximately $15 million.

“The ‘inconvenient truth’ for bankers is that many people don’t believe banks care about
them as people or appreciate how complex their lives have become.”

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