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Are we keen on green?


Are we keen on green?


Economic instability had drawn consumers’ attention away from the problems of climate change and global warming in 2009, but a recent poll by Nielsen showed that concerns for the environment are gradually resuming.

Polling 25,000 web users across 51 countries, the research found that 69% were concerned about climate change and global warming, up 3% from 2009. 83% of the panel also believed that companies should pursue sustainability initiatives, though only a quarter of that number were willing to fork out more for products that show impressive attributes in this area.

Only 12% of respondents of North Americans were willing to pay a premium for ‘green’ products, while 48% would rather purchase the lowest-priced item available.

Todd Hale, SVP of consumer and shopper insights at Nielsen US, said: “With financial concerns still on the minds of many Americans, they’re indicating less and less concern about climate change and other environmental issues.”

A large majority of respondents do feel that companies should invest in sustainable measures, with 83% suggesting that corporations engage in package recycle and producing energy efficient products.

Closer to home, 72% of Asia-Pacific respondents are favourable towards organic goods.

Local products, fair-trade lines and anti-animal testing are also areas that consumers feel positive about.

Belle Kwan

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