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A rebranding fit for a king: royal family wins back public


A rebranding fit for a king: royal family wins back public


Here’s a breaking news story: Prince William is getting married to Kate Middleton this week. Apparently the rest of the world is already on to it, with internet users clocking up an average of 9,000 posts a day relating to the wedding. This data compiled by search marketing firm Greenlight marks a 700% rise on March activity, showing the buzz is reaching fever pitch right on cue, with the wedding in two days.

From a marketing perspective, the royal family have orchestrated a pretty impressive rebranding campaign. With divorces, deaths, drugs, breakups and makeups; the last 15 years of the Royal family’s history have been a rollicking and often humiliating ride seen through the pages of tabloid newspapers, seeming to threaten whatever shred of relevancy the royal family had left. The lead up to the next royal wedding has been dignified, however, and has drawn a lot of goodwill, with Prince William and Kate Middleton calling for charity donations instead of grandiose wedding presents, and agreeing to stream the wedding live across the globe on YouTube. These good vibes have carried over in to public sentiment, with Greenlight reporting a 6:1 ratio of positive to negative comments.

Greenlight’s data shows there have been a total of 158,000 posts relating to the Royal Wedding on online media from March to date. 38% of these (60,964) have occurred within the last seven days.

Interestingly, Facebook (public posts only) and YouTube account for the smallest share of voice, just 8% and 1% respectively, compared to online news sources which currently account for the largest share of posts, 30%. Blogs follow closely with 29% then Twitter (17%) and Forums (16%).

What the posts are about

The dress (23%),

Guest list (20%)

Gifts (18%)

The ring (12%), and

The honeymoon (8%)

Other trending topics

Prince William’s bald spot- should he wear a wig?

Kate Middleton doing her own makeup and using flowers instead of a tiara (revolutionary), and

Best man and William’s brother Harry getting drunk, forgetting rings, and going after bridesmaids.

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