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Back in… Atomic Tomato?


Back in… Atomic Tomato?


Those with a love of early to mid 90s nostalgia will love this one.

We’ve seen great Aussie brands from our childhood come and go, but one of them has returned – ladies and gentleman, Samboy chips are back.

After the chip brand disappeared from the shelves, we saw a newer, more complicated era of sophisticated types of snacks: sweet chilli/sour cream, honey mustard, and (the dreaded) lime and cracked pepper.

But, as times get tough, people began reminiscing of older, better times, and the name Samboy appeared again.

Now the chip is back with all of its original flavours, including the long Chicken and Atomic Tomato.

The brand owes its new life to a Facebook campaign entitled, ‘Bring back Atomic Tomato’, an homage to the lost flavour. The group has since amassed over 19,000 fans.

Samboy is now owned and made in Australia by Snack Brands Australia, which also features CC’s and Cheezels in its stable.

The Samboy website is pretty basic at the moment, but it promises big things, including a competition with a $10,000 prize. A note on the Facebook page reads, “A big thank you goes out to the thousands of chip-eaters who contacted Samboy and told us they wanted Samboy back on the shelves. And a special mention to the ‘Bring back Atomic Tomato’ Facebook Group, we wouldn’t have done it without you guys!”

Don’t be surprised if you see a resurgence of Sunnyboy icy poles and slap bands in the near future.

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