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Bing solves 99 marketing problems for rapper


Bing solves 99 marketing problems for rapper


Droga5 New York and Bing have come together to create an exciting promotion for rapper Jay Z’s first book, ‘Decoded. 

Physical copies of each of the book’s 350 pages have been placed in locations around New York and London where the content of the particular page was inspired. The pages are mostly enlarged billboards, but there also some pretty creative placements, including page prints slipped in suit jackets in clothes stores and prints on the felt of pool tables.

Every day until launch date, clues for the location of 5-10 new pages from the book are available from Jay Z’s twitter and a dedicated Bing micro-site. Fans can scour the streets for the pages using Bing maps, but will have to snap them in person to really be rewarded. 

The first fan to find each page and upload a photo to the Bing site gets a framed copy of the page signed by Jay Z, and everyone who uploads a picture of the page goes into the draw to win a trip to Las Vegas to see Jay Z play with Coldplay.

As people find them, the location of the pages is logged into the Bing world map on the site.

“There’s a physical book, and a digital book, but no one’s bridged the two,” Bing executive Eric Hadley said.

“We put all these pages out into the world to be found through Bing’s search engine. You bring it all back together and you can read the book. That’s the really the simple part of it.”

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