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Blogs for Breakfast: 14th May


Blogs for Breakfast: 14th May


Brand Tags site gets to the point

There’s already been heaps written about this new site from Noah Brier, so in a nutshell:

You’re shown a logo and then asked to supply one word that sums up that brand. These words are then displayed as tags, so you can see the words that people have associated with that brand.

So what are some of the top tags for the Beijing Olympics?

Boycott, Boring and Blood.


Go check out Brand Tags and find out what people have been saying about hundreds of other brands.

Gen Y love to rock out – for free

There are many reasons to love the Gen Y Marketing Podcast guys, but I’ll let you have a listen to their show and decide for yourselves. This fortnight’s offering is all around the music industry.

Listen to the Gen Y Marketing Podcast: Episode 22 now.

Why engaging online audiences is important for your brand

Of late I have perhaps been a little unhealthily obsessed with the idea of online branding, so this post is as much to feed my addiction as it is to pique your interest 😉

Read Engaging online audiences supports brand awareness and circulationnow.

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