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Brand survey shows who rules planet MySpace


Brand survey shows who rules planet MySpace


If MySpace were a planet, what would be its most popular brand?

This is what the MySpace Australia census reveals the brands of choice, offering insights into the habits the social networker’s cyber citizens.

The survey has reviewed the opinions and lifestyle preferences of over 2000 Australian MySpace users.

The survey showed that the three most popular luxury brands were Calvin Klein, Gucci and Chanel, with Nokia being voted the most popular mobile phone brand (iPhone only attracted 15% of the total votes).

The computer operating system of choice was PC followed by Mac. The most popular gaming console was PlayStation and Electronic Arts (EA) was voted best games maker, followed by Nintendo and Activision.

The top beer brand was Corona, the favourite chocolate bar Snickers Bar and the most popular soft drink was Coca-Cola.

Of the statistics, the survey also indicated that 47% of its cyber citizens would source their news online, cars would be the most popular form of transport and planet MySpace would be solar powered, with 44% of the nation’s citizens in favour of the power source.

Andrew Cordwell, director of sales, MySpace Australia explains, “The MySpace Top Brands Survey offers marketers unprecedented insights into the brand preferences and lifestyle choices of a new generation of cyber citizens. These upwardly mobile and highly social Australians are key brand influencers, using MySpace to connect with friends and family as well as engage with their cultural interests.”

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