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Business Card DM


Business Card DM


Business cards are an annoyance to many of us. We feel under
obligation to take these little cards in exchange for ours. But we
dont know what to do with them. They collect themselves into little
untidy piles on the corner of our desks that are eventually filed or
thrown away.

Many of us regard business cards as just another piece of
pre-printed office stationery. Its true, business cards are
stationery, but they can be more than that. Much more. Behind every
business card is an opportunity for direct marketing waiting to jump

Business cards can be a very effective method of communicating your
brand, but can they be used in direct marketing? Absolutely. You cant
get more direct than actually handing your card to
your prospect or customer. These cards include your contact information
and response can easily be measured.

But unfortunately business cards generally arent inspiring direct
marketing pieces. But what if your card could cut-through others? What
if you had a business card that was so effective that your audience
would feel affection for your card, treating it as a higly coveted
trading card and even showing it off to others?

Well, there are many examples of effective marketing in business
cards. With a little effort, you can transform your card into an
effective mini-DM piece that cuts through and generates interest.

Check out the images and links below to some really inspiring
business card designs and start thinking differently about the most
portable form of DM going.


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