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Canberra has fastest internet in Australia


Canberra has fastest internet in Australia


Akamai Technologies, a provider of cloud optimisation services, has released its State of the Internet’ report for the first quarter of 2010.

The report details global statistics for broadband adoption, mobile connectivity and attack traffic, as well as internet trends.

From an Australian regional perspective, Queensland has the highest average connection speeds, boosting its ranking from third to first place. It’s followed by ACT, with South Australia, and Victoria in third and fourth position. New South Wales was in sixth position, down from fourth position last year. From a city perspective, Canberra continues to rank at the top of the field in Australia for average connection speeds.

Globally, the fastest average measured connection speed can be found in Masan, South Korea (previously in fourth place). Within the top 100 cities list, Akamai Technologies reported the following global trends:

  • Asia dominates the list with over half (61) of the top cities in Japan,
  • Only 12 American cities made the list, with more than half (seven) of such cities being in California, and
  • Umea, Sweden is the fastest city in Europe, ranking 18th out of 100.

The detailed report is available for download.

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