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Canon campaign relies on five-year-old child


Canon campaign relies on five-year-old child


Canon has released a campaign entitled ‘Clive, Age 5′, aiming at showcasing the artwork produced by a five-year-old child with a Canon PIXMA and targeting creative parents over the age of 35 with young children at home,

Under the tagline ‘Why print when you can PIXMA’, the campaign has begun with Canon using Adshel’s Create in a series of out of home executions, including a wrap made out of artwork produced by ‘Clive’.

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett, Mediacom and Adshel.

The wrap features three custom-made showcase boxes displaying a gallery of other artwork by the young artist imposed onto CDs, T-shirts and paper.

The second part of the execution will feature the wraps and the three mini showcase boxes being replaced with a larger showcase box containing more of Clive’s artwork.

According to a release from Adshel, the campaign can be seen nationally until the 23 May and is supported with TV and online activity.

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