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Cario launches agency: The Marketing Republic


Cario launches agency: The Marketing Republic


Marketing heavyweight Mark Cario has opened the doors to The Marketing Republic, his new North Sydney based advertising agency and marketing consultancy.

Offering full advertising agency services, the company, whose tagline is Brands without Borders; will deliver integrated marketing and advertising solutions for businesses looking to exceed their current potential, by maximizing their cut through and relevance in the main media, and at the local level.

Cario, who for over 28 years has charted the marketing course for some of the biggest local and international travel, liquor, fast food, retail and franchise brands, will draw from his extensive experience specialising in franchising, retailing, marketing and advertising strategy, and the often under utilised area of local marketing.

In announcing plans for The Marketing Republic the new managing director Mark Cario said; more than ever businesses need to look at where they are spending advertising and marketing dollars and ask – are they maximising sales at the local level?

With The Marketing Republic I want to offer my experience to help businesses create, implement and balance big picture national marketing and advertising, with local marketing initiatives that maximise the relevance and impact of their national marketing and advertising in each unique local area.

I want to re-educate businesses by showing them how centrally organized local marketing campaigns can complement and strengthen the effectiveness of main media national marketing campaigns by helping businesses and their frontline sales people connect with consumers in their trading area in order to capture a greater share of sales, he said.

The Marketing Republic will focus on developing and implementing marketing and advertising strategies in the fast food, travel, liquor, retailing and franchising areas.

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