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‘Cashback’ offer success for Microsoft


‘Cashback’ offer success for Microsoft


Microsoft Live Search‘s cashback program was initially the source of nudge-in-the-rib jokes, but now the computer megalith is showing off its success.

General manager of Microsoft Live Search, Brad Goldberg says, “We are pleased to report a 30 percent increase in the number of product offers available in Microsoft Live Search cashback, indicative of the strong advertiser interest in the program and early results on its ROI. We have seen an average of 4.5 million unique users per month visiting cashback who have conducted more than 68 million commercial queries.”

Microsoft Live Search cashback aims to help merchants maximize their advertising investments and drive more sales by providing consumers with an added a cash reward of cash back.

Online advertising spend that participating merchants would otherwise pay to Microsoft is instead passed on to customers who complete sales under the Microsoft Live Search cashback program.

Microsoft is also expanding its program to include sites using Miva Merchant, Early Impact Inc (ProductCart) or 3DCart as its shopping cart software, a report on the Marketing Pilgram website says.

eBay‘s North America general manager, Stephanie Tilenius, has also praised the initiatives success.

“Beyond the great deals for buyers, Microsoft Live Search cashback has improved our ROI on paid search by 50 percent, and based upon our shared success, eBay is increasing its search marketing spend with Microsoft Live Search by threefold.”

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