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Clarks fill big shoes: Open new stores


Clarks fill big shoes: Open new stores


There is the Big Prawn, The Big Pineapple, The Big Banana and a whole lot of other big things standing outdoors in Australia, but Clarks Shoes will be bringing its own ‘Big Shoe’ inside shopping centres as part of a new marketing effort. 

Clarks are opening brand stores in Kotara, Penrith and Parramatta in New South Wales and wanted to show a way to demonstrate how comfortable their adult shoes are. Tequila Sydney devised the execution of creating two giant shoes, which two people will call home during Parramatta shopping centre hours. The slightly bizarre shoe habitat project aims to demonstrate that Clarks shoes are “so comfortable you can live in them”. 

Pacific Brands Marketing Manager, Michelle Maughan, said the company’s key objective was to raise awareness of the popular UK brand and shift current perceptions.

“Our key challenge was to leverage the success of Clarks Children’s Shoes being the quality and comfort and communicate this in the launch of Clarks Adults range,” Maughan says. “What better way to demonstrate comfort than to produce shoes that can be lived in.”

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