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Click and browse – new magazine launches on Facebook


Click and browse – new magazine launches on Facebook


JustB, a new magazine launched by Kidspot, will be hosted entirely on Facebook and Twitter.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that social media is becoming one of the quickest methods of spreading news, and consuming it as well. Instead of flipping through pages and dedicating hours to a long feature story, news-hungry consumers now jump onto the likes of Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, and a quick look at the latest posts or trends will have you in touch and up-to-date with most of the latest big news.

Tapping into the power of social media for news, Kidspot, who owns popular websites such as kidspot.com.au and a female centric advertising network, SheSpot, that gives brands access to two and a half million female readers, has taken a new leap.

Today, they launched JustB, a female magazine hosted entirely on Facebook and mirrored on Twitter. Claiming to be an industry first and a sign of the times, JustB will feature daily updated content posted straight onto Facebook, where readers have the ability to share and comment, in an effort to “reunite editors with women who love magazines but have been distracted by online”.

Alexdandra Carlton, former deputy features editor at Madison and JustB’s new editor feels that the magazine is about using the right planet to engage with its audience.

“JustB will use new media to illuminate, entertain and enhance the conversation amongst Australia women. Leveraging the best ingredients of a women’s mag on Facebook gives us a head start due to the habitual nature of her visits and the sharing nature of the platform. It will offer what women need and crave all in one place—with a shared voice and unified mission to have her opinions heard, as well as absorb the events of the day and what her peers and others she respects are saying about them.”

Speaking to Marketing, Carlton says that it is with Kidspot’s success with Facebook audiences with its other sites that the company believes Facebook offers the best social experience on the internet.

“Our hypothesis is that if Kidspot can become a leading web brand for mums, can we extend our editorial expertise to reach women more generally? We believe this is one of the toughest audiences to crack, and we hope a Facebook-centric content experience is something busy women might reach out for.”

While there are currently no advertising spots available on the new magazine, Carlton says: “We are confident the business model will take care of itself – and have a number of ideas for advertising partners when the times comes.” The magazine plans on tapping into Kidspot’s existing audiences to generate readership numbers.

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