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ConroyWatch: mobile spectrum, unseemly allegations


ConroyWatch: mobile spectrum, unseemly allegations


Communications minister Stephen Conroy is set to announce policy around mobile spectrum amid News Ltd raising his ire by reporting a golf game with James Packer.

The licenses for the mobile spectrum will begin expiring in three years time and reallocation could have significant implications for products. Senator Conroy will address the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association on 3 March. CEO, Chris Althaus said:

Mobile operators are anxious to understand the process for treatment of current licences… Certainty in relation to existing licences is essential to broader investment and planning agendas, including consideration of new spectrum in 700MHz and 2.5GHz bands.”

News Ltd drew attention to a golf game between the minister and James Packer on the same day the Government announce a $250 million license fee rebate for free-to-air stations. News quoted Conroy as saying all politicians meet in “various forums” with stakeholders from their areas of interest. He hit back saying the reporting gelled with an agenda.

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