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Consumers misled on cosmetics organic claims


Consumers misled on cosmetics organic claims


A new report released by Datamonitor has found consumers are concerned by natural and organic claims made by cosmetic brands.

The report found 30% of US consumers question the credibility of these claims. The consumer perception has significant founding as cosmetics brands don’t require certification to make ‘mineral’ or ‘natural’ claims. The report explains the US has seen growth in mineral make-up launches year-on-year since 2005, with 160 new brands in 2009 alone.

“In a market where brands have worked hard to convince consumers of the credibility of mineral make-up, the sheer number of new launches containing differing levels of minerals may make consumer trust difficult to keep,” said Vicky McCrorie, consumer analyst at Datamonitor.

“With no official validation for mineral make-up, consumers will start to become skeptical as more and more brands launch make-up with mineral claims,” said McCrorie.

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