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Content standards finalised for digital radio


Content standards finalised for digital radio


Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has released its Commercial Content Standards for advertising on DAB+ digital radio.

The Standards have been finalised after draft standards were released to the industry for comment last year, following consultations with companies such as ARN, Austereo, DMG, Fairfax Radio, Audionet, DubSat, Music Point, DStar, Adstream and Fairfax Digital.

CRA also announced that a software package called Piñata that links all aspects of the Commercial Content Standards – audio, text, images, scripts and an audit file – is in its final stages of development by the Commercial Content Standards Group (CCSG).

“The finalised Standards will give confidence to the advertising sector that the radio industry has a reliable digital radio production process and hopefully it will encourage further digital radio advertising innovation from the industry,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of CRA.

The Standards and software Piñata will be explained to the industry in detail at the National Radio Conference and information on the Standards will also be integrated into CRA’s second series of upcoming Digital Radio Creative Workshops accredited by the Advertising Federation of Australia and open to the advertising industry.

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