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Digital going from strength to strength


Digital going from strength to strength


Paul Slezak is Aquents international project manager and is based in the Sydney office. You can read more from Paul at The Aquent Oracle blog.

Who would have thought that even with all the economic doom and gloom we are hearing about each day – not to mention the assumption that there are no marketing jobs out there at the moment – that the high demand for skilled digital specialists would be continuing right across Australia?

The Aquent Orange Book 2008-2009, Aquent’s salary survey and industry monitor covering key Asia Pacific and European markets reveals how employment growth within the digital space in Australia is being fuelled by a strong trend towards a more convenience-based digital lifestyle. With so many advertisers choosing to go digital rather than following the more traditional channels such as print, TV or outdoor advertising, this is in turn driving the demand for digital staff.

Understandably, digital provides a far greater ability to measure the return on marketing dollars spent, and therefore remains a key investment for those departmental heads looking at far more measurable ROI.

Aquent’s report also indicates the ongoing high mobility of digital marketing candidates both within Australia as well as internationally. So whilst other sectors may be plateauing or perhaps even in decline, the digital, multi-media or interactive space (call it what you will) continues to go from strength to strength. Some may call it a digital revolution. For others it may more realistically be a digital evolution. Either way digital marketing is a great space to be in right now.

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