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DMS puts money where its mouth is


DMS puts money where its mouth is


Ninemsn has relaunched its ‘Digital Marketing Summit’ for 2010, and will feature a game show-style event looking to crown Australia’s best digital marketing mind.

‘Digital Showdown’ will be hosted Kerri-Anne Kennerley and will merge the styles of Millionaire Hot Seat and Jeopardy, and ask contestants questions about digital marketing.

“There’s speakers all day, so on and so forth, so we’re going to jazz it up and have a game show format,” Ninemsn’s Alex Parsons tells Marketing magazine.

“There will be a few News Limited and ninemsn digital questions, but they won’t all be focussed on the company. We are trying to find the digital person with the best knowledge on the industry.”

Some of Australia’s most successful marketing agencies, like Mitchell Communication Group, Carat and Ikon, have been asked to nominate a staff member to compete.

The winner gets a trip to the Cannes Lions, and their agency scores a $200,000 ninemsn media buy and a $100,000 Nine Network media buy to donate to their charity of choice.

The Digital Marketing Summit is back in action after a couple of years off the scene, and Parsons says the competition and the summit is an important part of ninemsn stamping their name on digital.

“We are leaders in this industry, we want marketers to know where we’re going with this space, and its good for marketers and agencies to just learn more about the topic too. We want to give advice and have a discussion so businesses can capitalise on future trends.”

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