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Does HIV/AIDS stigma still persist in Australia?


Does HIV/AIDS stigma still persist in Australia?


Only 14 percent of Australians believe people living with HIV/AIDS need support, compared with 40 percent of Australians who said they were receptive to the plight of animals, according to a recent survey by Linkme.com.au, a career building and networking company.

And though 76 percent of the 1568 Australians surveyed said they would undertake voluntary care work, currently only 34 percent of Australians are actually involved in voluntary work.

Children topped the list of groups who needed support, with 46.6 percent of Aussies saying they would volunteer to help the kids, over three times as many people as would volunteer to support those with HIV/AIDS. Check out the complete list below:

  • Children (46.6 percent)
  • Animals (40 percent)
  • The elderly (36.9 percent)
  • Poor people (27 percent)
  • Disabled people (26.6 percent)
  • Homeless people (26.1 percent)
  • Sick people (23.5 percent)
  • People living with HIV/AIDS (13.8 percent)

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