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Does the youth respect Target?


Does the youth respect Target?


Target stores nationally this week launched an exclusive World Youth Day
Sydney 2008 (WYD08) clothing range. The range of women’s and men’s
apparel was created by Australian company Kid Crew Express, a
manufacturer of women’s and children’s clothing.

This week all 159 Target stores nationally – including 27 NSW stores –
will receive a second delivery of the WYD08 women’s and men’s apparel,
completing the clothing range.

“We are delighted to be joining with Target and Kid Crew Express in
offering Australians another way to express their enthusiasm and
support for World Youth Day Sydney 2008,” said Danny Casey, WYD08 Chief
Operating Officer.

“I can’t wait to see young people – and the young at heart – wearing
the garments with pride over the next two months and of course during
the World Youth Day week.”

Hmm… will this alliance be successful? Does the youth of today really give a damn about representing themselves via a Target clothing range? To quote Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, If youre not wearing something the kids cant afford how will they know to look up to you?

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