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Dear Connex, We hate you (Ignorance is NOT Bliss! – An Open Letter)

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Dear Connex, We hate you (Ignorance is NOT Bliss! – An Open Letter)


Dear Connex Melbourne Marketing Department, Leo Burnett Melbourne
(Advertising Agency), Starcom (Media Agency) and the Public Relations

It is time for answers.

Why is it that companies are still ignoring online?

Fare Evasion Day May 1st started off as a Facebook Event. It was
embraced by 1,700 people. It was not until Andrew Ranger the creator of
the event was featured in the Herald Sun that Connex decided to respond
to the Fare Evasion Day.

Two commuters set up the Facebook group ‘I hate Connex‘ – it now has
5,000 members! Please explain why you haven’t tried to answer the
problems of these customers.

What about the unanswered voice of Peter Wagstaff’s from the Marketing
podcast? He has repeatedly put down the Connex brand on the show.

Why haven’t you approached him for a conversation? 1,000 people
listen to him rubbish your brand every week; is that not enough
potential customers to warrant a response?

Starcom, when post analysis time comes around every month how come you haven’t brought up the emerging channels of social media?

Public Relations Company, for any of your clients have you monitored
what has been said about their brands online? Did you know the top 10
Australian bloggers have an estimated 19,000 readers of their blogs per

Leo Burnett, have you thought about two-way communication channels when
you crack your communication ideas? You do have a strategy for social
media, right?

Connex Melbourne Marketing Department, does this backlash online not worry you?

Do you not value social media? What is the difference between people
reading a negative communication message online and offline?

If I were to come down to Flinders St Station 8:30AM Monday 16th June
2008, would I be able to spread this hate message to your customers

Julian Cole

(This is an open letter to the addressed, if anyone has a contact from these companies please forward this on.)

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