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Domino’s $50 pizza: ‘It’s our best value yet!’


Domino’s $50 pizza: ‘It’s our best value yet!’


tl;dr – It’s $50 and still ‘good value’ because it contains wagyu beef and other pricey ingredients.


Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has announced that tomorrow it will launch a pizza that costs $50, which it claims will challenge the industry and redefine value for its customers.

The $50 product is actually a pair of pizzas with expensive ingredients in a specially-designed box. The company said in a statement that it is “taking restaurant-quality food to the masses by launching their best value pizza to date – an indulgent $50 pizza – Domino’s Wagyu Duet.”

Domino’s Group CEO and managing director, Don Meij claims the new pizza is another example of great value for customers and an extension of the company’s premium product offering.

Purchased from butchers and restaurants at a reported average of $100 per kilogram, Meij is excited, and he’s challenging people to find the same amount of quality wagyu for this value.

“It’s rare to get the same quantity of quality wagyu grade of six plus marble score from any leading restaurant for the same price. In most cases you’ll pay over $50 for a restaurant quality cut of wagyu – and that’s just for the steak alone!

“The Wagyu Duet is incredible value and can feed over four people at $14 per head.”

Meij said he expects the high marbling scores on the wagyu to be a drawcard for steak fanatics. Whether steak fanatics agree that value is defined by raw ingredients regardless of preparation, service and experience remains to be seen.



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