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Doritos ads scores top reactions


Doritos ads scores top reactions


Roy Morgan has dusted off its trusty old ‘Reactor Slide’ to gauge consumer responses to this year’s Super Bowl commercials. A sample of over 200 consumers were played a selection of commercials that screened during Monday’s event and personally gauged their level of positive feeling to the content on a scale. Doritos ‘Pug Attack’ spot scored the best vibes out of all of the ads, even trumping their ‘Best Part’ ad; a favourite here at Marketing magazine.

Ads that depicted comradeship, what Australians would probably call “mateship”, also proved another foolproof way of getting consumers on side. PepsiMax’s “Torpedo Cooler’, Coca-Cola’s ‘Border Crossing’ and Budweiser’s ‘Cowboys’ all featured folks being friendly, and all generated positive reactions from viewers.

Guys like ads
The reactions of male viewers to all the ads were marginally more positive than the reactions of female viewers. In keeping with stereotypes, male viewers reacted positively to the Kia Optima ‘Epic Ride’, where a Kia car gets sucked through time warps, while women registered a weaker reaction. Perhaps surprisingly, however, the spot for web hosting service Go Daddy featuring models walking naked around a studio (no explicit nudity) fell flat with both men and women.


View the reactor in action here

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