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Drumming up support for innovative DM


Drumming up support for innovative DM


I came home tonight to find my three year old drumming furiously to Coldplay’s Fix You. “Who gave you the drumsticks?” – “HONDA” came the reply; “Does he live in heaven?”

A quick rummage through the mail revealed an oversized mail piece bearing silhouettes where drumsticks had once been. Like most males of the species I have a very short attention span. But something about this piece stood out from the usual suitors touting for my seemingly ever-decreasing disposable income. Whilst an Aston Martin would be my preferred next car, they clearly don’t come with enough cup holders, so Honda has just jumped up the list.

Speaking as someone who has never thought seriously about a Honda, what is it that has me mildly curious? Put simply, not a bad looking car, serendipitous timing, competitive pricing and a mail piece that got a toddler drumming chunks out of the leather lounge.

Will Honda win me over before the Reserve Bank has me riding a bike to work? Only time and five much needed consecutive rate reductions will tell. But hats off to Honda – they’ve got me seriously thinking about it.


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