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Environment suffers as GEC concerns hit home


Environment suffers as GEC concerns hit home


Research has shown concern for environmental issues in Australia has fallen, as the countrys economic situation worsens.

The Mobium Group’s inaugural ‘Green-Tracker’ survey tracks Australians’ concerns, values and attitudes, awareness and behaviours about sustainability matters and has revealed the number of Australians concerned by the impacts of global warming and climate change has dropped by almost 20% since 2007.

While almost three quarters (73%) of people remain concerned or very concerned about climate change, drought and water shortages remain the overwhelming issue for most Australians (86%).

However, Australians have also become less worried about drought and water shortages as the economic situation has worsened, with concern for this issue dropping 10% in the past six months.

“While the fall in environmental concerns cannot be directly attributed to the economic downturn, naturally people do become more concerned about their personal circumstances when times are tough,” Mobium Group’s research director, Nick Bez, explains.

“Our research shows three in five Australians (60%) are either concerned or very concerned about their job security and almost two thirds (64%) of Australians are either concerned or very concerned about falling asset prices.”

One-third (35%) of those surveyed had not heard of the government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), while two thirds (65%) of those surveyed could not name the scheme’s initial reduction target of 5%.

Fewer than one in 10 (8.8%) believe they have a good understanding of how the federal government’s emissions trading scheme will work.

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