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Episode five of the ‘Brand Summit Road Trip’: The Farm in Byron Bay


Episode five of the ‘Brand Summit Road Trip’: The Farm in Byron Bay


It’s the fifth episode of Enigma’s Brand Summit Road Trip and our hosts Rosemarie Milsom and Pete Chapman are getting reacquainted with nature at The Farm in Byron Bay.

Married with four children, founders Tom and Emma Lane were inspired to educate their children on where food comes from. After purchasing a small farm and successfully connecting their kids with nature, they thought, well if we can do it for our kids, why can’t we do it for everyone? And that’s when the seed for The Farm started to grow. 

Housing a collection of 18 micro-businesses in the form of independent farms, The Farm attracts up to 500,000 visitors each year. Driven by the customer experience and the three big themes: grow, feed and educate, The Farm is not just a popular Instragrammable destination. It is a place for people to slow down and reconnect with the land.

Speaking to Tom on The Farm’s success, they effectively utilised their skills – Tom’s retail experience and Emma’s marketing background – to ensure authenticity and customer experience were at the forefront of everything they did. Amplified through social media and word of mouth, the philosophy behind The Farm has been a key driver in this local attraction over the past six years.

With a constant stream of visitors and more and more Australians relocating to Byron Bay, Tom explains that the town’s busy for the right reasons. He describes the area as a ‘Silicon Valley of ideas’ and a great hub for growing businesses.

Watch episode five here and tune in to an inspiring chat to see how paddling your own canoe and trusting yourself can result in achieving your dreams. 

The Brand Summit Road Trip is a six episode mini-series produced by Enigma. Each episode is packed with great conversations with inspiring brand owners in the tourism industry, great road trip vibes and breathtaking scenery along the way.


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