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Find your brands alter-ego


Find your brands alter-ego


Are you a gorilla or are you a fox? Do you imagine your brand to be big and burly, or petite and nimble?

The idea of brand personalities is not new. We’ve all heard of the Coca-Cola polar bear, the Malboro man and even our very own Bonds’ Chesty Bond. Taking the idea to a new, and very cute level, JWT, using data from Millward Brown’s BrandZ global brands study as well real-time online buzz data, created Brand Toys, a new brand tool that transforms brand characteristics into toy figures.

It is used for to help marketers visualise the personality and online buzz of various brands based on their nature and strengths. There are over 3000 brands available for browsing on the Brand Toys website at www.brandtoys.com.

Not only can various brands be compared against one another, it is also possible to view how the same brand performs different in various regions, or how brands have changed over the course of the last few years.

Nike has been transformed into a large burly gorilla spotting a cowboy hat while competitor Puma is a pint-sized monkey.

Using individual brand’s attributes, the Build a Toy feature also enables users to create their own Brand Toy.

While this is not meant to replace in-depth brand understanding, it does enable easy comparison and a fresh way of understanding brand personalities.

Marketingput Brand Toys to the test and emerged as a blonde jock wearing a police hat and holding onto a book. 


What does this tell you about our branding?

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