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Food for thought


Food for thought


Did you know that the cost of a cheeseburger meal with fries and coke could feed 26 hungry children from developing countries? Or that your daily morning flat white will feed 14 starving kids? A check on WeFeedback, a new social media platform launched by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) can tell you how your favourite meals can help feed less fortunate children.

Targeting the popularity of social media engagement, WFP created the WeFeedback app to allow users to share their favourite foods, track what foods are being shared within their social communities, and how many hungry mouths their contributions are reaching out too.

Nancy Roman, director of WFP’s Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnership Division says: “Individual giving is playing an increasingly important role in mobilizing funds for the hungry, and WeFeedback is providing a portal into this brave new world of philanthropy.”

“WeFeedback allows people to share food and activate their social networks, transforming something as simple as a cup of coffee or a sandwich into funds that can change the lives of hungry children forever.”

Famous faces that have jumped onboard this new initiative include singer Christina Aguilera, actress Drew Barrymore and footballer Kaka – who of whom are ambassadors of the WFP Hunger Ambassadors.

Interestingly, participants from the United States are feeding back the most sushi and the country leading with the most pizzas fed back isn’t Italy, but is instead Montenegro! Other popular foods contributed include birthday cakes, wine, cappuccinos and burritos!

In Australia, 40 participants have been the trend leaders in feeding back and have helped fill the hungry tummies of 1,842 children.

The WeFeedback website and app can be found at http://www.wefeedback.org/

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