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Foxy new campaign for Fernwood


Foxy new campaign for Fernwood


Fernwood is seeking to reinvigorate and reposition itself with a new campaign.

Coinciding with Fernwood’s 20th birthday, the campaign seeks to reposition the brand as bold and the key to unlocking women’s confidence.

Joanna Bradley, Fernwood’s head of marketing, said the strategy was developed in consultation with the company’s franchise network. Bradley explained consultation with franchisees revealed the strategy had to be inclusive to women and make them feel as though Fernwood ‘got them’.

“Too often in the past it was the blokes that liked Fernwood’s campaigns. Not surprisingly, we’re not interested in appealing to men. A woman’s insight made all the difference.”

Fiona Leeming & Associates developed the campaign, ‘Find your inner fox’.

“We have created an irreverent, zeitgeist campaign for Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs that puts women back in control and in charge of their potential. You dont need to resort to Botox to unlock the fox within us all, said Leeming.

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