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FremantleMedia and YouTube announce global content agreement


FremantleMedia and YouTube announce global content agreement


FremantleMedia, one of the largest creators and producers of entertainment brands in the world, recently announced a landmark agreement with YouTube. FremantleMedia will be the first global producer to offer two different strands of programming which create a multitude of new online formats that will be distributed exclusively via YouTube and utilise YouTube as a web platform for many of its current and future TV shows.

The new relationship has FremantleMedias unit dedicated to the development of new media platforms and enables FremantleMedia and YouTube to share all advertising revenues generated from the FremantleMedia YouTube channels and videos. The entire FremantleMedia group will embrace this new venture across all divisions and markets, with YouTube providing the online audience and FremantleMedia delivering the high premium content. FremantleMedia will also be among the first major media companies to use YouTubes VideoID technology. VideoID is YouTubes most recent initiative in a long list of policies and tools that allow copyright owners to easily identify their content and manage how it is made available on YouTube. With YouTube VideoID, rights owners like FremantleMedia can easily choose what they want done with videos uploaded by other users: block, monetise, or track.

Claire Tavernier, senior executive vice president, FMX, FremantleMedia, brokered the deal and said:

The consumer continues to seek out rich and varied online video entertainment driven by the burgeoning growth of new media around the world. This agreement between a successful online platform like YouTube and a globally renowned content provider such as FremantleMedia means that there will be more opportunities for global consumers to benefit from strong programming delivered over the Internet.

Patrick Walker, director, video partnerships, YouTube EMEA said:

We are pleased that, following a period of creative experimentation, FremantleMedia is cementing its relationship with us for content distribution and use of our VideoID tools. FremantleMedia is an innovative company that knows how to embrace change – the tremendous success of their YouTube channels so far is a testament of their ability to engage with YouTubers. As the global video community continues to expand, there will be even more demand for FremantleMedias cutting-edge professional content. We are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead.

FremantleMedia distribute a number of original format programmes on YouTube including:

Claire states:

This agreement means that FremantleMedias production teams will be able to automatically consider YouTube as part of their creative process for developing, distributing and promoting new television series. The implications for global roll out, brand extension and sponsorship partnerships are impressive. FremantleMedias global strategies are a perfect complement to YouTube and the scale of this arrangement is unique.

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