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GetPrice.com gets a new site


GetPrice.com gets a new site


of Australia’s leading independent comparison shopping sites, GetPrice.com.au, today announced the launch of
its new website, introducing a range of tools to personalise the users online
shopping experience.

GetPrice.com.au managing director, Chris Hitchen,
says the new website will extend the online shopping experience by adding depth
to each product page.

Hitchen says that “GetPrice.com.au has
also achieved an Australian-first in transparency by enabling shoppers to
compare products according to criteria other than price such as the comparison
of warranties, energy ratings and delivery times.”

also says that “Shopping is a very personal experience. With our new website,
important retailer and product information is provided such as delivery costs, warranty details, payment
options, feedback and ratings from other shoppers. The new site will also
display promotions from the retailers themselves meaning fewer clicks by the
online shopper before they find all the information they need.”

The new site also includes new features,
such as a new search algorithm which will allow users to find more relevant
information faster. Buying guides and video reviews have been added to allow
users to have all the information they need to make a purchase decision.
Customers will also be able to write reviews on products and express their opinions
on items they have bought.

Hitchen continues: “Shoppers want to find the product they’re looking for as
quickly as possible and tend to consider other factors in addition to price
when searching for goods.”

new site redesign follows a GetPrice.com.au survey,
which found that most Australians are more confident shopping online now than
in the past and that shopping online delivers better value for money.

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