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Green claims code established by AANA


Green claims code established by AANA


The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has announced that it will develop an ‘Environmental Claims Advertising and Marketing Code’ to prevent greenwashing in campaigns.

With consumers putting more consideration into the environmental impact that their buying decisions effect, the AANA has said that the code aims to keep an eye on advertisers and marketers, and make sure they maintain rigorous standards when making environmental claims in campaigns.

“Despite a recent shift in media focus away from environmental issues,
AANA members remain committed to the fight against greenwashing. This
code of practice will provide the necessary guidance to advertisers and
marketers to ensure that the claims they are making are accurate and
honest,” asserts Scott McClellan, chief executive of the AANA.

The AANA national code will address the need for advertisers to substantiate any environmental claims, that any claims must show benefit or improvement in the environmental impact of the product or service, and that any green claims don’t lead consumers to believe a company has voluntarily adopted an environmental practice when in fact it has been ‘legally mandated’.

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