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How the iPad is impacting entertainment


How the iPad is impacting entertainment


According to eMarketer, studies are starting to emerge around how the iPad is becoming a part of everyday life.

eMarketer detailed a UK-based study from Cooper Murphy Webb, a copywriting firm, which found that more than two in five respondents said that they use the iPad at least 10 hours per week. The laptop/computer is still considered by most (33%) as their primary entertainment device, with the iPad coming in at second with 24%. This was followed by 22% indicating that their mobile phone was their primary entertainment device and 19% indicating that they still held TV in high regard.

Further results showed that the iPad is considered as the top delivery method for reading newspapers and magazines – with 31% respondents preferring it, compared to 26% using laptop/computers, 24% using print, 12% using mobile phones and 7% using ereaders.

Portability was singled out as a problem with the iPad, with 60% of the respondents stating that they rarely or never took their iPad with when they left the house.

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