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Is this a good time to be a marketing contractor?


Is this a good time to be a marketing contractor?


As a specialist recruiter, I have been overwhelmed by the recent upsurge in senior marcomms talent returning to the job market. Whether this is due to restructures, or layoffs, the truth of the matter is that with this wealth of experience and knowledge now accessible, the market will inevitably change yet again.

The importance for businesses to operate leanly whilst still maintaining a strong market presence is vital for many of them to survive. With cost cuts being the hot topic, digital marketing is now the sexy newcomer to the scene.

Businesses are actively seeking experienced strategic marketing contractors to work alongside their sales/service/product managers, to effectively identify and promote their business to their target audiences. Those with digital experience will definitely have the upper hand, as clients now seek to reduce costs.

If you have considered a lifestyle change, and are interested in contracting, this may be a fantastic time to diversify while drawing on your wealth of experience and expertise.

I am confident that many SMEs will be looking to engage experienced marcomms talent, to assist them with greater market coverage and brand identification with their customers/clients.

Many of you may find that this economic downturn provides a wider opportunity to engage several contracts at a time, and not only add to your industry experience, but also variety and new challenges!

The question to ask yourself… is what specialist skills do you bring to the negotiations table?

Victoria Pickard is Aquent Brisbane’s marketing and communications agent and can be contacted via [email protected].


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