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Is marketing blogging dead?


Is marketing blogging dead?


The once buzzing Australian marketing blogosphere bubble has burst, popular industry blogger Julian Cole tells Marketing magazine.

Earlier this week, Cole released a list of the ‘Top 50′ Australian marketing blogs, based on Google RSS subscribers, web traffic and blog content relevancy to the marketing industry. Cole then conducted a short review of the top 50 blogs chosen, and discovered there was a 40% decrease in number of posts being uploaded by bloggers.

“I realised people weren’t blogging as much,” Cole tells Marketing magazine. Blogging isn’t as big as it used to be, and I’ve heard a lot of people say the year has been hectic, and that they have been so much busier. 

“I think in terms of digital, there’s too much work and not a lot of people with skills to match, so people are saying they just don’t have the time anymore.”

Cole puts the drop down to an increase in Twitter usage for short form posts and more comprehensive coverage by marketing news sites.

Nevertheless, there are still great industry blogs around. The number one position of the top 50 list belongs to Aden Hepburn’s Digital Buzz Blog, and Cole says he is “just killing it”. In a good way.

“If you want case studies on what people are doing digitally, it’s a really good resource for that. He’s more talking about it on a global level, and there is some really eye catching work.” 

Cole predicts the marketing blogsphere will continue to decline, but says blogging has undoubtedly helped him with his career.

“Blogging keeps you sharp,” he says. “It makes you think about things in more detail and that opens doors. I don’t think I would have got to where I am now without my blog.”

Were you blogging and have you eased back recently? Or have you started a blog recently? Do you think marketing blogging is stronger than ever? Tell us about it on Twitter: @Marketingmag

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